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Subscription is the new business

A mobile café with clear rules

Once you find that Bike Café is a business tailored for you, you can easily extend subscription or change franchise terms. You can even purchase the Bike on your own!

Training, accessories and service support included

As part of the cooperation, you will receive comprehensive training, access to intermediates and accessories, and full technical support.

New business with no cash input

The time when you had to invest large amounts of cash to open your own business is gone forever! The subscription model allows you to get started quickly without taking any loans.

“I’m so happy that I can be my own boss. I can work whenever I want and have full control of my business!”

Anna Woźniak

Bike Café, Poznan POLAND

What makes Bike Café perfect for you

Bike Café and your entrepreneurship are a perfect match!

Hardware and implementation

Apart from the Bike, we pass on all the essential know-how as package. You're able to earn even the day after completing the training!

No cash input

Zero investment at start - you do not need creditworthiness to start your new business.

Affordable monthly fee throughout the entire contract

A business for the price of large coffee bag? Of course it's worth it!

Service support and maintenance fees included

Each franchisee has guaranteed access to service support throughout whole contract.

Everyone gains!

What are the advantages of subscription model?



64 900





/ net monthly*

lowest risk


starting from


/ net monthly

*Specific terms depend on leasing-provider and its evaluation


Opening a café with Bike Café is as simple, as riding a bike!

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Step 1

Fill in the contact form

Let us know where would you like to open the café and share your contact details.

Step 2

You will receive a meeting invitation

We will share more about our concept and see how it matches your idea of running a mobile café. We will discuss the terms of partnership, financial plan, locations, and logistics.

Step 3

We will train you

Trainings are organized in our office or online. We will adapt to your preferences!


You're ready to make profit!

We deliver the Bike to you and you can start your own, independent business!
Choose independence

Join Bike Café family

You will be assited by our advisor:
Michał Mołdrzyk
Flexible business model

Mobile café means many possibilites

Bike Café is the first chain of mobile cafeteria in Eastern Europe.
Our cafés are based on stylized and appropriately adapted tricycles moving freely in the city space. Mobility allows you to reach places where the city’s heart beats.

You decide where to put your café

You can sell in any space, with no technical limitations throughout the year.


Events we participated in


Cafés worldwide

4 mil

Coffees sold every year


Frequently asked questions

Subscription is a new form of financing the partnership with Bike Café, which allows you to significantly reduce the initial costs. In the case of standard franchise cooperation, we are talking about the purchase of a mobile cafeteria, and in the case of a subscription, it is a rental for 24 or 36 months. The subscriber receives the same rights as for the franchise, i.e. a license to use trademarks, procurement, system solutions, and support from the headquarters.

The amount of the subscription fee depends on a few factors: the Bike model, the length of the subscription, and the quantity of supplies ordered. Our advisers will present a specific option tailored to the possibilities and action plan.
As part of the cooperation, we advise on choosing the best location, share our know-how, help organize logistics, guide you through all organizational procedures, propose participating in events, conduct comprehensive training, and provide technical service support. By joining the Bike Café family, you also become part of a well-known brand with an established position on the market.
Our bikes are fully equipped for work. In addition to the basic components, such as a grinder or coffee machine, you also get a set of starter accessories, including a fridge, milk jugs, tamper, scale, rack, menu board or branded T-shirts and aprons, and more. The only accessory required to conduct sales is a cash register with a payment terminal, which you can buy from our partner.
Yes of course! We will start with marketing training, where we will share with you our many years of experience in running social media. We will suggest what actions (online and offline) should be taken to successfully acquire new customers. After the implementation period, we will always be at your disposal, and by cooperating with us on the occasion of promotional campaigns of the entire network, you will become an expert in promoting your business.
And how! Coffee is always needed, which is why we have already had thousands of event implementations. It often happens that the organizers invite our cafes to various types of events. In the outdoors, in an office building, at a company event or festival, our café can make the course of any event pleasant. We will show you how to find the best events in the area and build lasting business relationships with event organizers.
Signing the subscription agreement is related to the payment of a deposit to secure the value of the coffee bike. The deposit is fully refundable after the end of the subscription period. The amount of the deposit depends on the selected Bike model.

Yes, there is no limit on the number of coffee bikes you subscribe to.

Yes, in the subscription model, the cost of insurance is included in the subscription fee.

As a partner, you have several options:

  • You can extend the subscription for another period, or
  • You can buy out a Bike Café and switch to the standard franchise formula with, or
  • You can terminate the subscription – then the Bike comes back to us.
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