Excellent coffee and ice cream at your event

Looking for a way to enhance your event with delicious food and drinks? Our mobile café and ice cream shop, offers a wide selection of drinks and ice cream desserts that are sure to satisfy everyone’s tastes. Events with Bike Cafe are the perfect choice for all kinds of events, corporate parties, picnics, and personalised promotional activities.

Bike Café in figures:


Events and parties


Mobile ice cream shops and cafés

6 mil

Coffee per year

Bike Café friends app

Grab points for free coffee and ice cream! See where our bikes are located

Freshly brewed coffee in your neighbourhood? Delicious ice cream around the corner? Download the Bike Cafe Friends app and find out where the nearest mobile ice cream or coffee outlet is waiting for you. Collect points that can be exchanged for free coffee or ice cream.

The Bike Café community

Join our franchise

The Bike Café Family is made up of 70 franchise partners, hundreds of irreplaceable baristas and, of course, the Poznan team that operates the entire network every day, works on the offer and builds new bikes.

The Bike Café community, is also made up of you! People who appreciate our work and love good coffee and ice cream. Follow us on our social media.

This could be you!

Become part of the bike revolution and choose a Bike Café franchise

Dreaming of your own business or want to add a spark to your event? Bike Cafe is the answer to your needs. 
Join us and discover the full flavour and possibilities!

Przyjdź na kawę miesiąca do Bike Café

Kawa miesiąca w promocyjnej cenie, to okazja, której nie możesz przegapić! Spróbuj już teraz i przekonaj się, jak pyszna jest ta kawa. 

Zamówisz ją na wszystkich naszych mobilnych kawiarniach.

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